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Design your own custom lightsaber with our Saber Builder™ lightsaber creator. Pick each part of your design and we will assemble it by hand and ship it to you - giving you a unique cosplay weapon that suits your exact requirements. Want a shorter or a longer blade? Need a certain grip? Our lightsaber builder puts the choice in your hands.

Our combat sabers put choice directly into your hands - giving you a full array of colour, sound and power modes to choose from.

Features at-a-glance

- 10+ Blade Colour Changing Lights

- 5 Excellent Sound Fonts: Vader, Luke, Kylo Ren, Cal Kestis, Mandalorian Blade


-Blaster Deflection Simulations

-Lock-up Loop

We even include an attachment feature that allows you to create a double-bladed saber in the blink of an eye (some models require the purchase of a coupler).

How To Ignite Your Saber

  • The saber is initially in deep sleep mode. To awaken its power, hold the power button for 10 seconds and it will unleash!
  • Turn the Saber On: press the button on the hilt
  • Turn the Saber Off: press and hold the button on the hilt


Basic Saber Effects (when saber is on)

  • Blaster Sound: tap the button and you'll sound as though you're deflecting blaster bolts. 
  • Lock up loop: hold the button down for 1 second and release, then tap the button once to activate lock up loop
  • Flash-on-Clash: the saber will automatically flash with a white light. Saber LED's are bright and will make a duel look fantastic. The blade will also emit sound when it clashes with something - making it ideal for cosplay duels. 


How To Select Lightsaber Colours

  1. Hold the button down for 3-4 seconds and release
  2. Tap the button again to the begin changing the colour of the saber and cycle through over 10 colours!
  3. Once you have found your chosen colour, hold the button down for 3-4 seconds
  4. This feature means you don't have to pay for a saber crystal change or electronics upgrade (or even a second set of electronics just to change colour) and can simply choose your colour depending on how you feel, as this is a standard feature within all our sabers.


How To Change Volume

  1. Make sure the Saber is turned OFF (but not in sleep mode)
  2. Press and hold the button for one second and let go, you will hear a volume change confirmation sound
  3. Repeat this to cycle through the 3 different sound levels (loud, medium and silent).


How To Change Sounds

  1. Make sure the Saber is turned OFF (but not in sleep mode)
  2. Press and hold the button until you hear the confirmation sound
  3. Repeat this to cycle through the sound effects, each sound effect has a different confirmation sound


Want to learn more about your new saber's functionalty? Read our full Saber Insctuctions to find out more.

We have made it a top priority to ensure ALL Saberzone sabers and parts meet the LudoSport official regulations and requirements. While our sabers are not officially LudoSport licensed, they can be registered within the organisation if you choose to take part. 

Enter the immersive realms of combat-style workout, entertainment and community with the world's most realistic combat saber duelling organisation

LudoSport is far more than an innovative and complete blade-style combat sport; it is where people from all over the world come together to explore their passion for the art of saber-combat, developing new techniques, meeting new friends, and challenging themselves both everyday and in high-level competition.

Order now and you'll be igniting your saber in just 9-19 days, thanks to our FREE expedited, tracked, and insured international shipping from us at Saberzone, delivered straight to your door.

What does our order process look like?

1. Your order is processed within 24 hours

2. Your order is given to DHL or UBI for tracking allocation and shipping

3. Tracking number is allocated to your order (approximately 7 days). We send you an update with your tracking number as soon as it is allocated.

You can use our tracking page to keep up to date with your order.

If your order is with DHL, you will also receive direct updates via text to the mobile number provided. You should respond to any messages regarding delivery if you are asked to do so.

DHL also provides you with the ability to change your order date, have your order delivered to a safe place, etc, through DHL's direct express tracking portal.

Need to return a saber?

Like a Jawa inspecting a broken droid, just send it back to us and we'll replace it with a working one. 

But returns are rare! We hold a 98% customer satisfaction rating, with a return rate of less than 1%. All our sabers have a FREE 1 Year Replacement Warranty, meaning we will replace anything that breaks (even from duelling) for up to one year.

We also offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so if you are not 100% happy with your order, let us know within 30 days for a hassle-free refund.

Here's our super simple 4 step return/replacement system;

1. Contact us at, providing your name and order number, as well as a description of the issue you are having, along with any evidence (this is merely for our feedback records - so we know where to focus on improving!)

2. Allow 48 hours for our Customer Service team to respond (Please note that due to COVID-19 related disruption, responses may be delayed)

3. Confirm from the options provided what your preferred outcome is, usually this will be a replacement or a full refund.

4. All sorted and no hard-feelings!

The 1 Year Replacement Warranty is offered on all Saberzone sabers unless stated otherwise, so be sure to check this on the product page prior to purchase.

10+ Colour Change
Easily mix it up, in a matter of seconds, by switching the colour of your blade through the button on the hilt.

5 Sound Fonts + 3 Volumes + Motion Sensitivity
Fast movements, slow movements, our soundboard is as real as its gets. Want your saber to sound like Vader's? the Mandalorian blade? silent? Simply change your sound through the button on the hilt.

Exceptional Durability
All Saberzone's designs have dueling in mind; all sabers have perfect weight distribution, trusty grips, and, of course, meet official LudoSport requirements.

Premium Materials
Our sabers are like diamonds, stunning yet strong. We only use premium materials, with an added level of high-grade design and handcraft production.

Rechargeable Battery
Our sabers come with pre-installed batteries and provides 4-8 hours of dueling per charge. You can recharge via any USB port for 1-3 hours between uses (cable provided).