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The Abyss Shroud is a black metal saber that features a distinct emitter which has small holes cut out to allow the blade's glow to emit through it. A robust finger-grooved grip makes wielding this in battle or as cosplay a rewarding, empowering experience.

The Abyss Shroud is a black metal saber that features a distinct emitter which has small holes cut out to allow the blade's glow to emit through it. A robust finger-grooved grip makes wielding this in battle or as cosplay a rewarding, empowering experience.

Saber Features

Have The Ultimate Duelling Experience

From Flash-on-Clash action to Blaster Deflection simulation, you've got the full experience of a saber battle in the palm of your hand.

Unlimited Power

All our sabers have exceptional durability, perfect weight distribution, trusty grips and meet official LudoSport requirements.

Go From Jedi To Sith In An Instant

Easily mix it up by switching between 10+ blade colours with the hilt button.

Feel The Force With Every Swing

Fast movements, slow movements, our exclusive smooth swing motion sensitive soundboard is as real as it gets.

Channel Your Favourite Blades

Want your saber to sound like Vader's? Mando'? Silent? Simply change between 9 saber sound fonts and 3 volumes with the hilt button.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Our sabers are like diamonds, stunning yet strong. We only use premium materials, with high-grade design and handcraft production.


Electronics Tier Premium Pro-Neopixel
Saberzone Upgrade Price £0 +£250
Other Brands Added Prices +£135 +£280
LED Illuminated Blade
Built-In Rechargable Battery
Volume Control (including silent)
Velocity Detecting Smooth Swing Technology
Blaster Deflection Simulation & Lock-up Loop Effects
Force Effects
Saber Blade Colour Changer
Changable Soundfonts 9 9
Exclusive Patented Technology
Smooth Blade Ignition
Melt & Tip-Drag Effects
Neopixel Blade
Flash-on-Clash Precision
16GB SD Card
Proffie Board 2.2
Upload Your Own Sounds
Upload Your Own Effects
Upload Your Own Blade Settings

Offering 9 fixed sound fonts, and a built in settings menu, Premium Electronics are a great all around option (and are included as standard). Use the button on the hilt to change colour, blade effects, volume settings and soundfonts. Take a look at the Electronics Comparison to see all the features included.

Duel-ready + Removable Blade
Unlimited Blade LED Colour Selection
9 Unique Sound Fonts
Velocity Detecting Smooth Swing
1 Year FREE FULL Saber & Duelling Warranty
USB Charger + Rechargable Battery
Easy Navigational Single Switch

Neopixel-Pro offers 9 sound fonts with infinite sound effects and infinite changeable blade colour options. You can easily change all colours and fonts at any time just using the button on the hilt. electronics also feature smooth swing and force effects for the most realistic saber experience possible. Pro sabers include an SD card enabling the modification of colours, sound fonts, and blade effects (including support for smooth swing fonts). Also the ability to edit the Flash-on-clash colour, volume, sensitivity and more.
Neopixel blades feature an LED strip within the blade which allows for a more realistic LED effects and features. Neopixel blades are non duelling blades and not rated for full contact duelling.

Technical Details

1 x Fully Assembled Aircraft Aluminium Metal Hilt Saber Made To Your Chosen Options
1 x Durable Polycarbonate Saber Blade (Removable)
1 x USB Rechargeable Battery (installed)
1 x USB Fast Charging Cable
1 x Saber User Manual
1 x Spare Tool Kit

Saberzone Exclusive design that Meets LudoSport Regulations

BUY TWO AND A COUPLER TO JOIN THEM TOGETHER (check sizing to get the right coupler)

The Saber is fully built and operational upon delivery (no technical knowledge needed)

We have made it a top priority to ensure ALL Saberzone Duelling Sabers and Saber Builds meet LudoSport official regulations and requirements

LudoSport is far more than an innovative and complete blade-style combat sport; it is where people from all over the world come together to explore their passion for the art of saber-combat, developing new techniques, meeting new friends, and challenging themselves both everyday and in high-level competition.

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