Saber Instructions

When using our sabers, there are a number of great features ready for you to enjoy. These features include colour-changing lights, excellent sound effects, flash-on-clash and a battle-ready blade. We even include an attachment feature that allows you to create a double-bladed saber in the blink of an eye. 

Read on to discover our top saber features and see what makes the Master Saber the perfect saber for duelling. 

How to use your saber

How To Activate

  • The saber is initially in deep sleep mode. To awaken its power, hold the power button for 10 seconds and it will unleash!
  • Turn the Saber On: press the button on the hilt
  • Turn the Saber Off: press and hold the button on the hilt


Saber Effects (when saber is on)

  • Blaster Sound: tap the button and you'll sound as though you're deflecting blaster bolts. 
  • Lock up loop: hold the button down for 1 second and release, then tap the button once to activate lock up loop
  • Flash-on-Clash: the saber will automatically flash with a white light. Saber LED's are bright and will make a duel look fantastic. The blade will also emit sound when it clashes with something - making it ideal for cosplay duels. 


Selecting Lightsaber Colours

  1. Hold the button down for 3-4 seconds and release
  2. Tap the button again to the begin changing the colour of the saber and cycle through over 10 colours!
  3. Once you have found your chosen colour, hold the button down for 3-4 seconds
  4. This feature means you don't have to pay for a saber crystal change or electronics upgrade (or even a second set of electronics just to change colour) and can simply choose your colour depending on how you feel, as this is a standard feature within all our sabers.


Changing Sounds

  1. Make sure the Saber is turned OFF (but not in sleep mode)
  2. Press and hold the button until you hear the confirmation sound
  3. Repeat this to cycle through the sound effects, each sound effect has a different confirmation sound 


Saber Features:

  • Strong enough for sustained duelling. Has flash-on-clash effect for realistic lightsaber duels
  • Ultra loud sound volume and bright lightsaber LED lights
  • Removable blade – use the tool provided to loosen the screws in the hilt.
  • Removable battery by unscrewing the hilt grip
  • Sensitive swing and clash sound
  • Can connect two sabers directly to make one double blade saber (saber-staff)



1. Removable main body

The main body can be opened to access the internals - so if something goes wrong outside of your warranty you can attempt a repair or change the battery. 


2. Pommel

The pommel at the bottom of our saber acts as a fastener that allows you to attach a second saber and create a double bladed lightsaber, or saber staff.To do this, just buy a second saber from us and clip them together. 


3. Removable battery.

The battery is removable which means you can change the battery - but you should always contact us first as this will void your warranty. When changing the battery ensure the positive and negatives are placed correctly or it will break the saber - which will also void your warranty. After you change the battery you'll need to charge it properly. 


4. Adjustment tape.

If your saber is experiencing a swing and clash problem you can use the tape to adjust it. The speaker we use for our lightsaber with sound effects is very strong and causes vibration, which can sometimes mistakenly activate the swing and clash feature.

You can use the tape to make the chassis thick then put the main body on the hilt. By tightening the chassis you will eliminate the risk of vibrations causing errors. You can use any alternative tape required to achieve the same result - even customising with a coloured tape for a truly unique saber. 


If you dismantle the saber in anyway without first contacting us, this will be classed as a 'break of seal' and the saber will no longer be covered by our warranties.