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Saber Highlights Product Page 3

Channel Your Favourite Characters Blades Want your saber to sound like Vader's? mando'? silent? Simply change between 5 saber sound fonts and 3 volumes with the hilt button. Unlimited Power All

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Saber Highlights Product Page 2

Go From Jedi To Sith In An Instant Easily mix it up by switching between 10+ blade colours with the hilt button. Have The Ultimate Duelling Experience From Blaster Deflection simulation, to fast pac

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Saber Feature Highlights Product Page

10+ Colour Change Easily mix it up, in a matter of seconds, by switching the colour of your blade through the button on the hilt. 5 Sound Fonts + 3 Volumes + Motion Sensitivity Fast movements, sl

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Returns Product Page

Need to return a saber? Like a Jawa inspecting a broken droid, just send it back to us and we'll replace it with a working one.  But returns are rare! We hold a 98% customer satisfaction rating, with

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General Shipping Tab

Order now and you'll be igniting your saber in just 9-19 days, thanks to our FREE expedited, tracked, and insured international shipping from us at Saberzone, delivered straight to your door. What doe

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LudoSport Product Page

We have made it a top priority to ensure ALL Saberzone sabers and parts meet the LudoSport official regulations and requirements. While our sabers are not officially LudoSport licensed, they can be re

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Short Instructions

Our combat sabers put choice directly into your hands - giving you a full array of colour, sound and power modes to choose from. Features at-a-glance - 10+ Blade Colour Changing Lights - 5 Excellent S

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Sentinel Saber


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