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The Best Star Wars Fan Films

Star Wars is a franchise that inspires, enthrals, and entertains people around the world. It is such a cultural phenomenon that often, fans themselves take storytelling into their own hands. With such

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The Best Jedi Fight Scenes

Discover the best saber on saber battles in the Star Wars Universe in this article and see if you can gain any inspiration or tips for your own saber forms.

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Lightsaber Hilts: Everything You Need To Know

In a tool composed mainly of energy, lightsaber hilts contain all of the physical matter that permit a saber to function. From standard to curved to double-bladed, the Star Wars universe has shown us

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Lightsaber forms: which is best for you?

A lightsaber is an elegant tool, but how it is used depends on the wielder’s style. Gripped by dark side users, a lightsaber becomes a savage tool of oppression and pain. Handled by a Jedi who has mas

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What lightsaber colour are you?

Lightsaber’s take their colour from the crystal its owner selects. Our own lightsaber design allows you to pick whatever colour you want from built-in colour selectors, so you are not tied to one styl

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A Guide To Famous Jedi and Sith Lightsabers

A Guide To Famous Jedi and Sith Lightsabers Lightsabers are the most iconic part of the Star Wars universe. They’re an elegant tool from a more civilised age, or a terrifying tool for destruction when

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The Best Lightsabers for Duelling

How to choose a lightsaber for real-life fighting So, my young Padawan, you have reached a key stage in your learning. Here, you will undertake The Gathering – recovering and assembling the parts requ

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How to make a lightsaber like a true Jedi

In the Star Wars universe, the Jedi padawan constructs their own lightsaber when they are deemed ready by their master. Often, a padawan replicates the style of their master’s saber but there were als

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