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The Best Star Wars Side Characters

The Best Star Wars Side Characters The Star Wars universe is expansive - with so many stories just begging to be told. In 2021, we’re lucky enough to see expanded versions of the universe across multi

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The Best Star Wars YouTube Channels To Follow

As fans of the Star Wars franchise, we all spend time watching various videos about the series: whether that's some obscure lore, a favourite song (Duel of the Fates, anyone?) or even a montage of sab

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Do all Jedi use lightsabers? Saber Questions Answered

Do all Jedi use lightsabers? Saber Questions Answered In the vast, expansive Star Wars universe consisting of film, TV, books, games and other media, no pairing is as iconic as a Jedi and their lights

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The Biggest Star Wars Releases In 2021

  Happy New Year! We hope you’ve had plenty of opportunities to grab your dream saber in our special sales – but if not, don’t worry, we run frequent campaigns where you can save on our sabers – inclu

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Cool Lightsaber Designs To Inspire Your Build

There are few things as cool as putting together your own unique saber with a custom lightsaber builder. Whether you're building something that suits your style or trying to replicate a famous looking

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The Best Star Wars Bounty Hunters

Lone wolves. Scoundrels. The Galaxy's most feared men and women. Like it or not, in a franchise full of heroes and villains, morally-flexible bounty hunters stand out. There's just something about the

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Types of Lightsaber: A Complete Guide

Lightsabers are not all created equally. In the original trilogy, the only lightsaber customisations were in the hilt design and blade colour. Now, however, as the franchise has grown and expanded, th

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How To Use Our Lightsaber Builder

We've all yearned for our very own lightsabers - customised to our specifications and built to reflect our fighting style and personalities. How many times have you wondered which lightsaber colour yo

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The Best Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Looking for the best Star Wars costume you can put together for Halloween? We’ve gathered inspiration from across the internet to present a combination of the best Star Wars costumes ever put together

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Mandalorian S2: Everything you need to know about The Darksaber

The Darksaber is here. Revealed at the end of The Mandalorian season 1, this ancient and revered saber of clan Mandalore is something only die-hard Star Wars fans really know about. Considering its co

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Reading The Force: What Star Wars Books Are Canon?

Since the early days of A New Hope, Star Wars has always been supported by a wider merchandising offering: with books, spin-offs and most importantly, toys. However, the books created to support the d

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What To Look For In A Real Life Lightsaber

What To Look For In A Real Life Lightsaber There have already been some great attempts to replicate lightsabers in our own world. Most of these attempts involve flames or lasers that can cut balloons

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The Best Star Wars Games Ever Made

Star Wars is a franchise that has spawned some iconic spin-offs, but has also given birth to its fair share of sub-par experiences. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the video game world - where th

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Custom Lightsabers: Why Use A Lightsaber Builder?

In the Star Wars franchise, not all lightsabers are created equally. Instead, they are custom lightsabers built to the whims of their creators – using what materials make sense to that wielder. In rea

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