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Obi Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber Skills Explored

Obi Wan Kenobi is one of the world's most beloved characters. From a mysterious guide to a mentor to a fully-fleshed out character in the prequels, Obi Wan's popularity has stayed high since he first

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Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber Prowess Explained

The 25th of September is Mark Hamill's birthday - and we're in a celebratory mood. The actor is perhaps most famous for his portrayal of Luke Skywalker, the original heroic Jedi who journeyed from unk

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Jar'kai Dual Wield Lightsaber Form: Double the Fun

In our article discussing the traditional lightsaber forms, we mention all 7 of the styles depicted in Star Wars lore. From the original disarming style of Form I through to the deadly Juyo/Vaapad, al

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Form 2: Makashi - The Duelling Form Inspired By Fencing

Want to frustrate, outmatch and finesse your opponents when you cross duelling sabers with them? Why not learn from a style created to do just that: Makashi, also called the Contention Form.  In Star

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Soresu: Formed In Balance

Soresu, or Form III, is one of the most famous lightsaber forms due to its most famous practitioner - Obi-Wan Kenobi. Like all lightsaber forms, form 3 was developed as a reaction to changes in weapon

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Duelling Saber Disarmed? Try Teräs Käsi

We’re very proud of our duelling sabers - and rightly so. With polycarbonate blades, balanced weight distribution and sturdy aluminium hilts, they are perfect for LudoSport-style duels.  However, what

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Vaapad: Star Wars' Most Ferocious Fighting Style

Hey duellists - this one's going to be a great read.  Have you ever felt angry? Not just angry, but furious? Have you ever channelled that fury into your training - pushing past barriers and breaking

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The 8 Best Duellists In Star Wars

In the galaxy-spanning Star Wars franchise, we see a lot of conflict. From incredibly high stakes duels between good and evil in the main films through to more casual fights between criminal gangs and

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What Is Shii-Cho & Why Use It?

Explore other lightsaber forms in our guide here.  Shii-Cho, or Form I, is the first style a Jedi learns. It is known as the 'Way of the Sarlaac' or 'Determination' form and is the perfect entry point

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Jedi Fight Tips: How to Fight Like a Jedi

Do you want to learn to fight like a Jedi? Then clear your mind and concentrate. In this article, we're going to go through some of the best Jedi fight tips you can keep in mind when duelling - all ba

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The Best Star Wars Quotes To Live Real Life By

Star Wars is an iconic franchise that has inspired so many people across the world. From the amazing lightsaber duelling scenes to the good versus evil storyline and galaxy-spanning scope, it's a fran

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Learn the Force: Types of Jedi & Jedi Classes

In the world of Star Wars, Jedi are not all the same. While the mystical warrior monks all share certain aesthetic similarities (the robes, the lightsaber and the use of the force) there are some very

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The Ten Best Star Wars Creatures

Our last article looked at the best Star Wars aliens, focusing on the intelligent races we see throughout the franchise. But one of Star Wars’ biggest appeals is the vast galaxy we get to witness as f

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The Top 10 Star Wars Alien Races

When it comes to galactic civilisations, Star Wars truly nails the sense of depth and scope involved in all of the alien cultures that come together in the franchise. The main films showed us aliens r

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The Best Star Wars Side Characters

The Best Star Wars Side Characters The Star Wars universe is expansive - with so many stories just begging to be told. In 2021, we’re lucky enough to see expanded versions of the universe across multi

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